The Jukebox Serial Number Project

This site was prepared, largely using Serial Number Information submitted by jukebox owners/collectors. The serial numbers help me estimate the number of jukeboxes, remote selectors and speakers manufactured, determines what models were manufactured and gives an indication of how many are surviving today. Virtually every jukebox guide in print today, relies on this information, which I freely provide, the only caveat being that the publication helps me get more serial number information.

Where do you find the Serial Number?

The serial number for jukebox is almost always found on a metal plate on the back of the machine, on older models, the number is also stamped on the back of the wood. Remote Selectors (wallboxes, etc) usually has the serial number inside on the mechanism which you can find by taking the cover off. Speakers, the plate is usually on the back. The serial and model number plates on Mechanism is usually NOT the serial number I am seeking, though if that is the only one you find, please note in the comments that it is from the mechanism

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Form Help

Model: The jukebox, speaker or wallbox model number or name (e.g. 1015, Concert Grand, 1530, etc). This model is usually found on the Serial Number Plate.
Manufacturer: Also found on the serial number plate (e.g. Seeburg, Wurlitzer, AMI, Rockola, Mills, etc)
# of Selections: Indicate the Number of Selections for the Jukebox or Selector (e.g. 12, 16, 20, 100, 200)
Serial Number: Take the Serial Number exactly as it appears on the item, be careful against transposition errors, on average, 1 out of 10 (or more) serial numbers are incorrectly recorded
Comments: Add any comments you feel are relevant.
Additional Comments/Questions: Feel free to add additional comments or ask questions, I will try to respond promptly, if you have added your EMAIL Address

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